Louise Michelle Vital, PhD

Meet Dr. Vital

LM Vital.jpeg

My positionality as a first-generation American and daughter of Haitian immigrants has largely shaped how I view and understand the world, and has proved instrumental in the academic and professional decisions I have made thus far.

Through my research, I seek to listen and learn from those I meet, so I can unpack challenges in marginalized communities and discover how higher education can be used as a tool for addressing those challenges.

In my work, I emphasize the increasing interconnectedness of our global community and ask students to consider their place and role in society.

I enjoy storytelling and reading self-narratives to learn more about others and the cultural influences that underpin their lived experiences. Thus, I encourage students to adopt critical reflective practices to understand what influences their decisions in practice and research. I also ask them to consider their positions in a new setting to minimize their impact to the environment and those they encounter.

Outside of academia, I enjoy live performances, theatrical and musical; international travel; public service; and returning to my roots in creative writing and poetry.